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Can I just say….lights are expensive!!!  We took a stroll down Jalan Besar over the weekend, from all the Renotalk thrawling i have been doing, it seems that is the place to go for lights.  There is a decent variety and they are relatively cheap.  For my last place, most of the lights were from LightCraft, and I didn’t really take note of the cost.

This is going to cost me (SG$94!)
  here is the link to the shop

This time, because of the shoestring budget, I have been counting every penny that will need to be spent.  We found a great light for the staircase area.  Exactly what we wanted, but it was close to $300!!  And that is considered cheap!

That got me thinking…..there are gonna be quite a few lights that will need to be installed…looking at the pricing of lights….man…the cost is going to be insane.

Some forumers from RenoTalk have actually purchased their lights overseas.  JB and China.  Not sure if you will deem JB as overseas, but you know what i mean.  I haven’t been to JB to check out the prices, but seeing taobao is just a click away, I decided to have a look.  I found the exact same light for a fraction of the price!  It was retailing for about SG$350 here.

Now, my concern is the workmanship.  The same shop actually has the lights we want for the dining area…..but I don’t wanna jump the gun and buy them yet because well, the decor has not really been sorted out yet, and two, I don’t know how good the workmanship is.

Seeing as we have decided on our staircase light, and our heart is quite set on it….i have merged this staircase light into my purchase.,…just to see what the workmanship is like.  That should be a good gauge.

These are the dining lights we want….maybe one of each shape could be fun?


Flat top bowler hat at about SG$58.80 each


Gentleman and Lady bowler hat at SG$65.10 each

Round Top Bowler hat, different height.  About SG$58.80 each.

Another light that we will probably need a lot are LED lights.  Everyone seems to swear by Philips…and there is a taobao Philips dealer!!!!  yippee!!!  http://zsfhzn.taobao.com/?spm=2013.1.2-8610069721.1.qQQZsV