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Heaps to update since I last blogged.

Went for the first hdb appointment…the date has been sorted.  I will be collecting keys to the new home on 26 April!  I can’t wait!

We also had a meeting with our interior designers over the weekend, and we got our first drawings of the kitchen.  Obviously we started with the kitchen first.

We had two different options of how to place the island when we last met them, and they worked on the ideas we had…and they came up with two different options for us to choose from.  After weighing the pros and cons…we have decided to go with this setup.

I thought it was really cute that they have already put in the campbell’s soup lights for us. Our next visit, we will sort out the three toilets and the master bedroom.  And we will start planning colour schemes for laminates and counter tops.

They also advised us to start looking around for stuff like the oven, fridge, sofa, dining table etc.  They did say focus on the built in stuff first like the oven and fridge, cos of space allocation.

Hey! I am not complaining!  I get to look at kitchen appliances!!  Can’t think of a better way to spend my weekend.  🙂