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Caught up with a friend on Monday…it was an impromptu thing…and she mentioned in passing that she had a tonne of cold storage stickers…she gave me a stack…and I immediately ran up to cold storage and came back with three big bags… C had a bemused grin when he saw me…it reminded him of the time i disappeared from my own birthday gathering to go to the robinsons sale…and came back with multiple bags…all bake ware 🙂

So this time…i got a great loot.  Cold storage was selling Grundig black range on a discount….I got an electric grill (like the george foreman grill), a sexy electric kettle and a blender for under $200!  How awesome is that!

Took leave this friday because Ariston is having a sale…and stuff will go as cheap as 70% off…so i want to go there bright and early before the weekend rush.  Did a quick search viola!  Found an electrical sale at the expo and robinsons sale too!

It looks like friday is going to be an expensive day…but man…beats battling with the crowds…IF and that is a big IF…we feel gutsy…there’s a Phillips sale on Saturday…we might check it out…but I am doubtful.