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So we made some little tweaks to our new home.  Main changes were in the kitchen as expected.  I really wanted a small counter space behind the kitchen island…that’s where we will house our nespresso machine…and it will double up as our mini bar…I am hoping to have my wine glasses etc placed on shelves above the counter, so it is easy to grab our wine glass (we enjoy a glass of wine while cooking) and it is easy to grab extra glasses if we have guests over for dinner.

That meant that the tall boy which will house the oven and microwave had to move.  In a perfect world…I would have liked the fridge and microwave side by side…but we can’t have it all.  LOL.  Anyway…less talk..more pictures…


This is the view when you first step into the house…the campbells lights will give it such a great pop of colour.  So happy the designers liked the lights that I JUST HAD TO HAVE.  They have helped to make it one of the focal points of the home.  So happy.


This view, you can see the tall boy has been moved to the area just outside the walk in pantry…I  can live with that.  The dining room is going to be quite basic….due to budget.  But i like the scanteak dining set we got.  The marine lights from taobao should be arriving in…and they will actually be slightly bigger in size…as compared to this drawing.  🙂


With the banging down of a lot of walls…i love the open-ness of the ground level.


This was another must have for me…I wanted to bang down a hole in the wall of the spare bedroom which we will be using as a study….so that the staircase won’t be so dark and helps to ventilate the place…seeing as we are not going to AC downstairs…any additional breeze will come in handy.  🙂

Love the french doors which can be used if privacy is needed…it gives the home a slight colonial black and white feel.  The home came with these curved “Mickey Mouse” like doors…to keep cost low…we are going to keep them.  Our IDers came up with a brilliant idea of painting them black and white…and i think it looks great.  Tempted to paint the small squares inside the door black…just to give it more of a black and white feel…what do you think?