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My big haul from taobao arrived yesterday…i had the stuff shipped via amcon.  Wow!  1.7 cubic m worth of stuff!  Essentially all my feature lights…some household stuff, pots and pans…and everything came in excellent condition, except for one pot which had a small scratch.  I can live with that.  The lights which are the crucial purchase for now looked great and exactly what they look like in the pictures…fingers crossed they all work when they are put up in the new place.  Some even came with bulbs….in tact!  I am a happy camper.


The household stuff I am very happy too.  but I think the “cutest” buy were these ceramic mugs…they are huge!  Probably the size of the red plastic mugs we used in lower primary school to “learn” how to brush our teeth.  Really awesome…love them!  I got the largest one…that is gonna be our every day mugs…


I have forgotten to update…i got a really antique keropok tin from a shop in singapore…love it…it is gonna sit in the balcony….and I am converting it to a candle lantern.  Just gotta put a little saucer inside…and get a huge candle from Ikea…sorted!!!  too cute!!  Need to find a old Kong Guan biscuit tin with the “window” to add to the collection..and that would be perfect!