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Second week challenging ourselves to cook at least five meals for six adults…keeping the cost to $100 in total.


Budget meal #1 – Yong Tau Foo.  This will be one of the pricier meals this week… the stock was done from scratch using fish bones, root vegetables and soya beans. The yong tau foo was purchased from a stall in the market that still does the fish paste the old fashion way of scrapping the fish meat off the bone….stuffed the fish paste into some bittergourd, green chilli and tofu skin. Rolled some up into fish balls and we had a wonderful meal of yong tau foo made with fish meat that has no fillers or additives. Topped with the wholesome and hearty broth…this was wonderful. oh! Added watercress for extra greens and vitamins. Total cost of this dish for six – $18.



Budget meal #2 – Chinese crispy skinned roasted pork belly with duo of sauce. Roasted garlic and honey mustard, Chinese dipping sauce with a kick. Teamed it with a tofu and watercress soup and garlic stir fried greens. Total cost of today’s meal for six, $15. (After two budget meals for six, $23 spent)


Budget meal #3 – grilled lemon herbed chicken with herbed vegetable couscous. Served with a homemade tzatziki sauce. This went down a treat with extra after six adults tucked in for seconds. Cost of meal, $15. (Total cos for 6 adults after three meals $38)


Budget Meal #4 – Grilled pork burger with caramelised pineapple, homemade mayo, apple slaw and onions, burger. Total cost for six was $20. (Brings total cost right now to $58)



Budget meal #5 – Sliced fish with broccoli. Cost – $11. This was pricey because the fish i used was snakehead (sang yu). It is pricey because it is believed to have great healing properties…I bought it cos I like the texture of this fish.  Scallops is usually used when doing a broccoli stir fry in a chinese restaurant…kept cost down by using this fish instead. Part of tonight’s budget meal. Paired with stir fried lotus root with ham. Chinese cuisine. Cost – $3. Total cost – $14. (After five budget meals, $$62)


Budget Meal #6 – Minced meat congee with veggies and duo of egg.  Was feeling under the weather…so out came comfort food…my super popular and savoury congee of minced pork with carrots, chicken egg and salted duck egg….it is extremely more-ish…LOVE this when i am not feeling too good. Made enough for everyone cos it is a favourite in our household. Cost of congee – $6

Total amount spent this week to feed six adult, six meals, $88!