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Third week challenging ourselves to cook at least five meals for six adults…keeping the cost to $100 in total.


Budget meal #1 – Yong Tau Foo.  Dad asked for Yong Tau Foo again…so it had to be done…was more prepared this time and got the soup stock started very early…it simmered for eight hours…it was full of flavour. And I made extra stock so we can have a different soup later in the week.

The yong tau foo pieces was purchased from a different market, we all agreed that the ghim moh market yong tau foo pieces were better. But thankfully this great stock helped make it a good dinner.

I only purchased a small amount of fish bones to make the stock because I also purchased two baby barramundi fish…Asked the fish monger to fillet them for me, so the bones went into this stock.

Total cost to feed six adult this meal with extra stock for later in the week – $15.


Budget meal #2 – Sesame meatballs noodles with leafy greens.  This was an amazing dish….I was gonna make this to wrap up last week’s budget meals but I was under the weather and plans changed.

The minced meat was marinated a couple of days…packed full of flavour…the sesame gave it a great nutty flavour…the noodles were tossed in a quick and easy sauce…everyone loved this.

Total cost to feed six adults – $8. That brings cost after two meals to $23.


Budget meal #3 – Pork curry with cauliflower bhaji. Made way too much curry…even after feeding six, i have enough pork curry to feed everyone another full meal! Total cost – $18.  Total meal cost after three meals for six adults – $41


Budget meal #4 – Pan Grilled snapper drizzled with a vinaigrette, on a bed of healthy quinoa tossed with avocado.. cranberries..hearbs..and french beans.  Cost of the meal for six adults – $21.  This brings our total after four meals to $62.


Budget meal #5 – Chicken with cashew and chestnuts, salted egg yolk prawns and garlic greens on a bed of rice. Total cost to feed 6 adults – $15.  That brings total cost of five dinners for six adults – $77