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Fourth week challenging ourselves to cook at least five meals for six adults…keeping the cost to $100 in total.



Budget meal #1 – The asian style mussels I paired with my asian chicken noodles. Cost of the mussels dish – $2.  The total cost to feed six adults a meal of asian chicken noodles with a side of asian style mussels $13.  Asian roasted chicken with mushroom noodles…the chicken was cooked in a very more-ish gravy which i reduced to a thick syrupy gravy….tossed the noodles in it.. delish. Cost to feed six adults this noodle dish – $11 (I did pair it with a side of asian style mussels which cost me $2)

The total cost to feed six adults a meal of asian chicken noodles with a side of asian style mussels $13


Budget meal #2 – We made a three course meal. This was our starter. Duo of salmon. It featured homemade gravlax….the skin of the salmon…i pan seared till crispy…served with a small side of rocket salad.

Total cost of the starter for six – $12.


Main course was Thyme roasted chicken with mushroom duxelle ($10), dessert was frozen avocado yoghurt ($3)

It did cost me $25 to feed six adults this three course meal, it does mean I have to be a little more careful with the rest of my budget. I have three more meals to go, and i must keep to my $100 budget for the week.


Budget meal #3 – Portobello mushroom with grilled peach and guacamole and thyme roasted duo coloured sweet potatoes.

Total cost to feed six adults this meal – $12.  That brings this week’s cost to $50



Budget meal #4 – Soy & Honey glazed grilled salmon on a bed of wassabi mash and steamed broccoli.

We also had Bubur Cha Cha with homemade tapioca balls for dessert. Cost to feed six adults this main course and dessert – $24.

This brings this week’s total so far to $74….that means i have only $26 left to play with tonight!


Budget meal #5 – Grilled pork loin with asian peanut sauce, tuscan tomato salad and steamed broccoli. Cost to feed six this meal – $20.

That brings our total meal cost to feed six adults, five different dinners to $94. I definitely cut it close this week….almost hit my $100 budget!