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Fifth week challenging ourselves to cook at least five meals for six adults…keeping the cost to $100 in total. We overslept and didn’t make it to the wet market this week, and it is quite obvious we didn’t eat as well as the last few weeks due to cost. Heh!



Budget meal #1 – Three dishes…..ngoh hiang, trio of veggie with mushrooms and tofu, salted veggie duck soup with rice. This is was a homely and wholesome meal…we bought a whole duck…so to make it stretch…half was used for this soup. The other half was used for another dish we will enjoy later in the week.

Trio of veg cost – $4,  Ngoh hiang – $2.50, salted veg and duck soup – $12.  Total cost of this budget meal $18.50 to feed six.


Budget meal #2 – Marinara pasta. It had the last bit of our wholesale salmon, some mixed seafood of squid, shrimp, octopus and mussels from the seafood wholesaler. Cost – $8.50.  That brings cost after two budget meals – $27.


Budget meal #3 – Was feeling under the weather, and wanted congee…so out came the braised duck in master sauce, green veggie and herbed omelette. Cost of this meal – $13.
Total cost after three budget meals – $40


Budget meal #4 – Grilled Red Snapper on a bed of charred corn quinoa and french beans. Cost – $28.  That brings our cost to $68 after four meals.


Budget meal #5 – Roast chicken stuffed with quinoa and cous cous served with rosemary potatoes and steamed french beans and broccoli. – $15.  That brings our cost of five budget meals to $83 this week