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We love cooking…and I teach cooking on weekends to help raise fund for a charity i work with.  Tat has had to take a backseat for the time being due to home renovations.  Speaking of home renovations…the cost keeps going up…so we decided to challenge ourselves.  Cook at least five dinners for six adults…the budget?  $100 for the week.  :)  Sharing some of the stuff we have whipped up:

Week #1


Budget meal #1 – fish and prawn pie.

Used fresh tuna fish filet for the fish portion… Fish stock made from the tuna bones. Used chinese spinach leaves to cut cost. Didn’t make a difference. Total cost $20 for twelve person portion.


Budget meal #2 – 40 cloves garlic chicken pasta.

I expected it to be crazy garlic-ky but it wasn’t. The sauce was delicious. Some garlic bread would have been great to mop up the garlic sauce. Instead we had steamed broccoli. Total cost was just $10 to feed six adults. (Two meals done, $30 spent)


Budget meal #3 – udon noodle soup with yuzu chicken. Cost, $15 for six adults. (After three meals, meal cost at $45)


Budget meal #4 – Sichuan bang bang chicken with steamed egg with prawns. Total cost $11. (After 4 budget meals, total cost at $56 for six people)


Budget meal #5 – Three-Cup chicken, veggie and rice. Total cost $5. That brings total cost to $56. Totally indulging tomorrow with our dinner tomorrow. And we still won’t hit $100 this week for six people. Very excited about tomorrow’s meal!!!


Budget meal #6 – butter chicken with saffron rice and cucumber raita. Cost was $25. Projected spend was $100 for five meals, six adults. I have outdone myself with the challenge this week. Total of six meal for six adults, $86 dollars this week.