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The little mouse toilet roll holders are here!!!  OMG!! They are just way toooooo cute!!! Love them!

We had this toilet roll holder customised for our master toilet. “Are there yet” cos I tend to bug the man when we are on road trips…”are we there yet” every three minutes just to piss him off…so it is a lil joke between us.

We didn’t do any customisation for this toilet roll holder…cos Mr Mouse was cute as is. This will go to the common toilet upstairs.

This is the toilet roll holder for the powder room. We had it slightly edited. Initially it read “What the Hell Have You Been Eating?!”

This towel ring was customised for the powder room. The seller had no towel rings on sale…so i tried my luck and asked if he would make one.  The tag makes me chuckle…now the boys have NO EXCUSE. LOL