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Our sixth week of cooking at least five budget meals for under $100 for six adults. We went shopped at Geylang Serai market, and got quite a nice loot for dinners this week. We have been craving red meat…so we started with a series of red meat first. We also got some interesting ingredients from the organic wholesaler…so some of the items will be featured too.

Budget meal #1 – Pot Roast beef with roasted potatoes and vegetables – $18. We got a cheap cut of beef (Top Side) from the market. Now, this meat can be quite tough, so slow roasting it was the way to go. Rosemary flavoured the beef beautifully, and after 1 1/2 hours…we have a tender roast beef for dinner. YUMMY!

Budget meal #2 -Mutton Curry with steamed brocolli – $16. Cheap mutton shoulder from the market again. Added some potatoes, and slowly braised it in a curry sauce made from scratch. We had so much meat…we managed to feed more than six adults!

Budget meal #3 – Sweet and sour pork, spring onion and ginger chicken and steamed french beans with rice. $15

Budget meal #4 – Chicken with soya and orange glaze with fresh ****ake mushrooms and steamed kailan. $13

Budget meal #5 – Ginger and Lemon Poached Halibut with Soba. $18

Total spend for this week’s budget meal – $80