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After almost two months of collecting keys to our place…we have finally settled on the design, budget and contractor.  It has taken a while because some of the initial design work had to be tweaked cos we were working off the floor plan before key collection.  After collecting keys, we realised that some of the designs we had planned needed to be tweaked.  Eg: beams….pipes..etc.

After that…we got contractors we had shortlisted to come and have a look at the place…briefed them on the scope of work and waited for their costings.  Can i say that some of them take over a week to view the place…then another week plus to actually quote…and that is with chasing!!  Thankfully our IDers were great…and really pushed the contractors to submit asap.  But that took a fair bit of time.  

After that, our IDers put together all five costings into one uniform table, so we can look at the price difference side by side.  Way easier.  Can i say….OMG….the price difference is huge.  from the cheapest to the most expensive…the difference was about $35K!  that is insane!! After we narrowed it down to two contractors…we worked on getting the quote as accurate as possible before making a decision.  Our IDers briefed them on the exact tiles we wanted…exact specs we were expecting for carpentry…checked if the price factored in BLUM drawer system etc.  It is awesome…so glad we decided to go the ID route instead of with a contractor direct…i think we would have been very lost!  

After the final pricing came in…we sat down and had to really do our math and decide which contractor we would go with.  Our first choice was the lady contractor…. but in the end we went with the guy.  The guy has worked with our IDers on a fair few projects (that means the IDers know what his work ethics is like, they obviously can work well together, and they know what his quality of work is like), and he was also the cheaper of the two.  

Informed our IDers yesterday to go with Uncle W….they will inform him today…and we can start getting permits sorted…and hopefully we can start banging down walls next week!!  I know we are not the only ones excited…our IDers can’t wait to start banging walls down too!  LOL