We have an exciting day ahead.  We are meeting our IDers and contractor today to choose tiles for the new home.  ALL OF IT.  We have gone and browsed quite a few shops but honestly we are quite clueless….the only ones we are very sure of is the kitchen and powder room tiles.  The black and white mosaic.  Other than that…we just know that the tiles downstairs should be big white slabs and balcony and upstairs…wood tiles.  With the budget set aside, hopefully we can find wood tiles that we like and the grains look “natural”.  A little anxious about that.

On a happier note, we dropped by the house last night after dinner, and man is it a war zone!!  Amazing how much they can do in one day!  Tiles downstairs (dining, living and kitchen) all gone…cabinets in the kitchen is gone!!  There was no where to walk, and they have cut off the power supply…guessing it is for safety…so I couldn’t take any pictures.  We are going down with our designers after tile selection today, will take pictures then!  EXCITING!!!  it is FINALLY happening