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Yesterday was a very fruitful day.  Took half day leave and met up with our IDers and contractor.  We got all our tiles selected!  Exciting stuff.  It was an two hours or so.  I thought it was going to be easy…seeing as we already decided on our kitchen floor, powder room tiles.  I mean how difficult is it to pick wood tiles for the bedrooms and balcony and plain floor tiles for the living, and dining.  Errr…man are there heaps of shades to consider!!

Finally we decided on the following…





We went with a slightly off white big square tile for the Dining, Living, Under the staircase storeroom and walk in pantry.  Mainly cos we want to give the home a open and airy feel to it.  Pure white wasn’t really an option because of Scout (our Golden Retriever dog).  She does shed a bit…and her fur is golden in colour and the pure white tiles would make it too obvious even with sweeping everyday.

The kitchen, powder room and yard area will have the pretty black and white mosaic tiles.  Love them!  We will have a black glossy tile skirting to help demarcate where the kitchen starts.  Here’s a picture of the ID drawing so it is clearer what i mean.


See how there is a black border?


Our first choice for the second floor (bedroom, staircase and pathway) is the top wood tile.  It isn’t too dark..and it has a nice warm feel to it.  They are quite low on stock, so we have selected an alternative if it is really out of stock.  Fingers crossed we will get our first choice…find the second one a little too light in colour.  Workable…but I prefer the first option.

Because we are using wood tiles for the staircase, we do have a small dilemma.. if we were to lay the tiles at a 90 degree angle, each step will have a very sharp edge….if we were to sand it to help smooth it a bit…a bit of the whiteness of the tile will be seen.  Essentially we will be sanding away the wood part if we were to smooth it down.  Not sure what to do there :(


For the master Toilet upstairs…we chose FOUR different tiles.  LOL….yes it sounds really strange… .


The tiles above is for the dry area (where the sink is).  The top tile will be for the wall…to give it kinda of a cement screed look…the bottom tile is for the flour so that it matches…looks kinda like cement screed too.  Because the floor tile here is a little smooth….we can’t use it for the shower area.  Sooo….
Shower area will be a rougher sort of cement screed like tile….we didn’t use this for the dry area because it is a fair bit darker and we didn’t wanna make our already tiny bathroom smaller.  Just plain off white wall tile in the shower area to help brighten up the area a bit.  Also glossy tiles…easier to clean :)
Gonna mix and match some of these colourful tiles for the bathroom bench and shampoo nook, just to bright up the area a little more.
That was all the tiles we needed to pick for the new home!  The same bathroom tiles will be used for the common toilet upstairs.  Except the accent tiles.  This experience was so much more fun with our designers around.  We checked out heaps of tile shops on our own…but we were just clueless on what we needed to look for.  With them….it was a breeze!