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So we visited our home yesterday after tile selection…just to check out the war zone.  IMPRESSIVE!!  I still think the kitchen looks small…but our designers assured us that once the walls come down (today!! YIPPEEE) the kitchen will look a lot bigger…anyway…less talk…more pictures!


Byebye kitchen wall and floor tiles…the one side of wall tiles you see is still there because the whole wall is coming down today.  Just got approval for all hacking works on the first level.  Kitchen cabinets also ALL gone!


Powder room floor and wall tiles gone…the door to the powder room also gone.  This area is going to be sealed up.  The entrance to the toilet will be where there are tiles still remaining now.  That will be the new entrance.  HDB approved already!!!! WOOOHOO!


The right side of the kitchen…the tiles are still here because this wall is also coming down!!!  HDB approved :).  Not sure if you can see what is written on the wall.  Essentially, the contractor has written there with a combination of drawing of a hammer and text saying that this will don’t hack, consult “boss” first.  LOL


Floor tiles on the first level…completely gone….storage area under the staircase also gone.  The ugly mirror on the right side of the hall also gone….staircase tiles…GONE.  Funny conversation between lady IDer to her husband (also our IDer).

Lady:  Hey…these people are constantly hacking stuff down.  Mirrors included…that is a lot of seven years bad luck.


Hall and balcony floor tiles….balcony wall tiles…GONE


Staircase tiles all gone too!!  Gonna be replaced with wood tiles


We didn’t venture upstairs because the workers were busy and we didn’t want to be in the way.  Instead, we left and dropped off a little snack to all our neighbours to introduce ourselves and to say sorry for the mess and noise.  We got them Loong Fatt Tao Sar Piah….they are the best!


That is a lot of tiles for one day’s work!


Truck here to take the trash away

Good bye old cabinets!

So excited the walls are coming down today, but we can’t make it down tonight after work because i have a 8pm concall…and we gotta get dinner cooked before that!