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IDers have sent over the latest renovation update….it has been a week now since we started work on the home.  And I must say things are moving along quite fast.  We got our permits and started banging down walls and tiles downstairs…we have also removed all the tiles upstairs and all the old lights have been removed.  We are still waiting for HDB to approve the banging a hole in the wall for the study room.  That is still pending.  Fingers crossed…it isn’t structural…so hopefully that will happen soon.  We have also just applied to HDB for permission to level the balcony so that there isn’t a dip between the hall and balcony.

After hacking stuff downstairs, we realise there is a beam at the top of a wall where we plan to put white bricks.  After some consideration, we have decided to spend a tiny bit and level it up so that the bricks can go all the way up to the ceiling.  We also spent a bit to take away the ugly rounded corners around the house…think pictures will explain it better.



Decided to level it and tile with white bricks all the way up


the powder room is crazy TINY!


our “cherry wood” coloured wood tiles for stairs and upstairs!