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More reno updates from our IDers….can’t believe it has only been a week and a half and the progress we have made!  All tiles in the house gone….plaster work also almost all done….bathroom tiling has begun and it is coming along great!  Had to make a couple of decisions here and there…well more pictures…less talking.


The view when you first walk in.  Kitchen area, all the plastering is done….staircase they have made good.  it does look more spacious and airy now.


Balcony walls all nicely plastered…ready for tiling work.  toying with the idea of changing the windows for the house…but it is a biggish ticket item…which I am still toying around…what do you think?  The balcony windows actually still look quite good.  But it’s the rest that isn’t that hot…but if i were to change i should change them all right?  or else it will look strange?  no?


Another view of the balcony all plastered up and you can see you the original windows…should i change them?? decisions decisions…


Waiting for the wall up for my little mini walk in pantry


The pretty black and white tile work has been done for the feature wall in the teeeeny tiny powder room!  This same tiles will be laid for the kitchen and yard area. :)


Panoramic view of dining and the future pantry and kitchen area.  Can you see the dining sliding window…it has this frosted look on it and it has some sort of pattern to it. One of the main reasons i am thinking of changing the windows.  But that means i will have to change the balcony window too…just so that they match.

Moving on upstairs…. tiling work has begun in the two toilets…


Master bathroom wall tiles almost done…loving the cement like look of these tiles….same wall tiles we will be using in the common bathroom upstairs.


Master Bath shower area…the wall will be white to give it a brighter feel…and the part that is not done..that is because we are going to have a small alcove bit to hold the shampoo etc…that needs to be done first


Common bathroom upstairs the entrance tile work has begun.  Same concrete looking tiles as the master bathroom


The shower area for the common bathroom also has begun.  Waiting for the alcove area to be built so that tiling work can continue.

We are still waiting for HDB approval to bang down a hold in the room facing the staircase…that is taking a while…we can’t start room tiling work till that wall comes down.  HDB…what is taking you so long?!  Me wanna see that wall down!  :curse: