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After searching high and low for a reasonably priced kitchen faucet…finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase it from Amazon.  I wanted a pull out tap so that it would be easier to wash around the edges of the big sink….and this fitted the bill.  The other pull out taps i have been eyeing in Singapore were quite expensive.  This model was going at 60% off making the price USD$160.  Sent the dimensions to the IDers and they confirmed that it is good to go.

While surfing on amazon…found this great colander also made by kraus that is compatible with the 30 inch sink i purchased.  Decided to throw that in the basket as well.  It will be a great place to place meat that i need to defrost.  Should help keep the kitchen area clean.  This was on 54% off…making it USD$60.  Done!

The wonderful icing on the cake?  Amazon customer confirmed that it is eligible for FREE SHIPPING!!  That means…I saved US$50 for shipping the two items…not going to cost me a cent!!  Very happy!!