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Purchasing of appliances

For the new home, we needed to get a new fridge, tv (for the living), built in microwave and washing machine.  We spent a lot of time researching on these items.  Dropped by Audio House and Courts quite often just to make sure we were sure of our choices.  While doing that, I went through quite a few different threads on renotalk to research where is the cheapest place to finally purchase the items.  Some said Goh Ah Bee, PariSilk, Mega etc.  From what i gleaned…going to places like Audio House, Harvey Norman and Mega…if we can find it cheaper at another store, they will match it.  Sounded like a great deal.

In the end, I did a price comparison between Mega, PariSilk, Audio House and Goh Ah Bee.  Sharing my experience.  For Mega, PariSilk, they have a web form you can fill out and they will email you a quote.  All you need is the brand and model number of the item you want.  They are very prompt with their quote…pretty much got it on the very day itself.

For Audio House, that is where we headed to most often when we were deciding on models…so when we keyed in the model number, we keyed in the price as well.  As for Goh Ah Bee, just drop them a line and they can give you a quote on the spot.  So very little travelling needed for all four quotes.

Mega and PariSilk were the cheapest of the lot when we finally did up a table for the price comparison.  The items that PariSilk was cheaper, Mega was able to match it.  While waiting for Mega to get back to me, I also emailed PariSilk, and shared Mega’s prices, hoping they can match it.

At the end of the day, Mega was the cheapest.  But they didn’t have the TV i wanted.  PariSilk had it.  Initially, i was thinking of ordering everything through Mega, and maybe just get the tv from PariSilk.

But i got a call from PariSilk last night.  They apologised that they can’t match Mega’s prices, and they said that Mega’s prices for some of the items was below cost.  They are not sure how they managed that.  Maybe it was a display set or a refurbished set that they were selling me.  It COULD be a gimmick by PariSilk, but the difference between the two for a total of now five items i am purchasing is under $200…i think i will go with PariSilk.  Two reason…i know PariSilk don’t have display sets….so the odds of not getting a brand new product is slim…on top of that…they have all the items i need, i don’t need to split it up to two different suppliers.  Though PariSilk is costing me about $200 more…the main item that is costing me more is the fridge (PariSilk is $180 more), they are throwing in a bagless vacuum cleaner.  So…I guess it evens out… .  It is a promotional item they had a while back.  They have also agreed to match Audio House’s promotion for the TV.  Same price, and they will throw in the same soundbar Audio House is offering.  They said they will backdate the purchase to 30 June so that i can enjoy that promotion.  Guess that just sealed the deal!

Disclaimer: i only did one visit to harvey norman and they are not part of the price comparison.