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Well we got an update from our IDers and contractors….the pretty drain traps like the one above is a no go.  :~   According to tiler,it is a very thick system and if we use it, the floor level of the toilet will have to be higher, which will not pass HDB guidelines….  so that goes down the drain…pun intended.

They have also noticed that water is leaking from the balcony window…at FOUR different areas.  There is an aluminium piece outside the window ledge that is almost level with the window frame.  When it rains, the water seeps through the frame and onto the wall.  The only way to save cost is to silicon it again, but i will still have to spend on a new frame….even then it is a temporary solution.  Looks like I will have to change my windows after all.  Before it was just a nice to have…now it looks like a must have.