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Our IDers have been working overtime updating us on the renovation updates.  A snippet of the latest pdf they sent over…


Tiling work for the powder room is ongoing.  Loving the little black border they have put on the powder room floor.  It makes the black and white tiles really pop.  By the time we went to check on the home after work, the floor was completely tiled!  Yippee!! It is lovely, but it is really a tiny bathroom.  Really makes me wonder how others manage to fit a shower area into the tiny bathroom.  We chose to make it just a powder room cos we don’t have any bedrooms downstairs after converting the spare room into a walk in pantry…so there is no point adding a shower area into this toilet.  Also to keep cost down.


This is the yard area that we have created inside the kitchen.  The original entrance to the powder room has been sealed…and now the tilers are waiting for the hollow bricks to arrive, then they can measure the bricks dimensions and knock a hole and install it up in the red box area.  The little bathroom has no ventilation, so at least those hollow bricks will help a bit.


They have started laying pipes in the master bathroom.  The wall tiles are all up except for the portion where they have to do a box like thing for the soap and shampoo etc.


Silly me only thought of this last night after looking at the place…but instead of using the usual drain trap for the shower area…it would be nice to have one of these drain traps.  Where the bathroom floor tile sits on top of the drain trap.  It gives it such a nicer look.  I am not sure if water proofing has been done for the bathrooms.  Cos these traps need to be laid before waterproofing.  If it has not been done…would really love to have these for the two shower areas.  If it is not possible, then definitely stainless steel traps instead of the white ones.  IDers said they will update me later today.


Piping works for the common bathroom upstairs have also started.  Same thing…all wall tiles done…now just waiting for the shampoo wall to be up.


I couldn’t picture how the wood tiles was going to be laid for the staircase.  I was really worried about how sharp the edge would be.  So our designers did a small mock up with spare bathroom tiles (so that they don’t waste the wood tiles) to show me.  They call this a 45 degree cut and joint tile.  The joint doesn’t look too obvious, and because the wood tiles picked is quite light in colour…sanding it down a bit to smooth the edges won’t look too obvious.  Decided to go with this.

Now…for the problem…..


This is the wood tile we have picked.  It is going to be laid on the staircase, upstairs (except the bathrooms) and the balcony walls and floor.  We had asked for a 15cm stagger (like in the picture), but some of the tiles are popping a bit.  I didn’t understand what popping meant till i went down to take a look.  Essentially, near the edge….it isn’t smooth…the is a small bump on the surface.  The tile isn’t completely straight.  Our contractor did warn us that picking wood tiles and wanting to stagger it could cause these problems.  So he suggested laying them like this:


Just straight.  Not a fan honestly speaking.  Yes i understand that it will solve the popping issue but it just looks kinda boring.  So our IDers suggested trying for a 5cm stagger like this:


It isn’t the best…but I prefer this to the contractor’s suggestion.  They are going to leave me a small mock up and I can make a decision after that.  The walls can have the 15cm stagger cos it is visually not obvious, you got to feel it to know there is a pop.  For the floor it is a little too obvious.  IDers said they will ask the contractor to look for the tiles that aren’t so straight, and maybe we try and lay those close to the edge where there’s less foot traffic.  Guess that is all we can do.

So our IDers have a long list of questions from me, hopefully they can answer by today.
1)  5cm stagger, how bad is the popping

2) If I were to change all the windows in the house to sliding windows, how much is that going to cost me?

3) Am i too late to go with the tile drain trap for the bathrooms? (Has waterproofing for the bathroom floors been done) If not, can the contractor go get them?

4) Timeline on when toilet bowl, sinks, shower systems and taps need to be ready for installation?   Don’t want to do this rushed.

5)  One last discussion on powerpoint, lighting points and light switches, so that it is finalised.