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Over the weekend, we caught up with our IDers to sort out some stuff for the house.  Things are progressing quite well, except for the HDB approval for the study room wall to be hacked.  It has been three weeks, and we are still waiting.  Our contractor is going to bug the HDB officer again.  Hopefully it happens soon cos that is stalling all the tiling works.  They can’t start tiling the ground floor (except the kitchen) and the bedrooms upstairs.

We sorted out the electrical points for the house, the design of the shower doors for the two bathrooms.  Since hacking the balcony wall tiles, our tiler noticed that water was seeping in through the window into the wall…at FOUR spots.   :curse:   So we had to make a decision on the windows.  To save cost, we could change the frame and re-silicon up the window but that would be a temporary solution.  Or we could change the balcony windows. We decided to go ahead and get them changed, and while we are at it, we decided to bite the bullet and just change all the windows.  It is a not exactly petty cash….but it is going to create a mess, and i think it is a cost we will just have to accept.  It is way better than worry about the dust etc later if we wanna do it.

Then came the colour.  We were thinking powder coat frame with light blue tinted glass.  But after discussing it with our IDers, we are going with a classic black frame and clear glass….it will keep to the theme of the home.  Anyway…will let the pictures do the talking.