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I am still ding donging on whether we should use black granite or white quartz for the kitchen counter top.  (not the island portion, that is definitely marble already)

Our IDers kindly did up some renders to help me visualise.

With Quartz option:

The panel facing the wall has a white solid surface…with quartz…it will look like this.  The wood laminate for the cabinate base, will be the same as the island and the bookshelf.  Because the quartz will be white, it will give the kitchen a spacious feel.

Black Granite options:

With the black granite option, if we were to keep it to the original wood laminate….concerned that it might make the kitchen too dark.  I don’t know…looking at the renders…it looks pretty good… a little more masculine than the light wood laminate option below.  But this one…i will really not have to worry about stains….and the heavy cooking and prepping will be done where the black granite is.

This is the black granite with the lighter wood laminate.  They will try and find a light coloured wood laminate as close to the scanteak dining set as possible.  I don’t know….yes…this will make the house airy and big cos it is lighter coloured…but i kinda feel it doesn’t stand out as much.

This is the white laminate for all the kitchen cabinets….errr…this one is a no go…. it’s a bit too much white for me….


I am really leaning towards the black granite (due to cost and less chances of it staining) with the darker wood laminate… It seems to stand out more…but then again…..any thoughts?