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Taking a break from countertops….Moving on to kitchen cabinet planning.

So that it is easy to picture where the three pieces of cabinets are…

IDers kindly emailed me a soft copy of how they propose the cabinets should be placed and look like.  Looking at the drawings….I think i want to make a couple of changes….essentially, most of the bottom cabinets to be changed to drawers…it is just easier to take things out.  I know they have kept the number of drawers to three because drawers cost more to fabricate then shelves…and i want soft closing for drawers…so here’s the wishlist…see what the carpenter charges…what do you think of the cabinet layout?  Welcome all suggestions…


This is the main area that will be utilised.  The kitchen sink and main kitchen hob will be housed.  Unfortunately, we can’t opt for pipe gas…so we have to lose some cabinet space for the LPG gas tank.  The bottom two drawers on the right, will be handy to keep spare dish cloth, table cloth, etc.  The drawers straight after the LPG gas is below the gas hob…so i am thinking of placing our plates and bowls there for easy access.  Then to the left of that…a pull out wire rack, for the condiments like soya sauce, cooking oils etc.  Below the oven, not sure if i really need a drawer, or will shelves do.  Guessing that will be a good place to store cake pans, loaf tins, pie moulds etc.  But if it is a drawer, i can still store all that…and it will be easier to dig things out.  Not sure.  The dish rack above the sink is a little too small for our needs, so going to have to re-think that cabinet so that i can have a double layer dish rack.


This is the cabinet/counter behind the kitchen island.  The counter space is for the nespresso machine and the kettle.  It is where we will make our coffee in the morning…if we have guests in the house…we will have bottles of wine there…so this is where we will also store the wine glasses and coffee mugs.  Thinking the top shelf can be a three tier shelf cos wine glasses and coffee mugs aren’t that high.  So at least the bottom two tiers are accessible without grabbing a stool.  Thinking of adding a glass shelf above where the nespresso machine etc will be…that is where we can put containers for the sugar, coffee pods and tea containers etc.  Maybe two mugs just so that it is easy for us to access it daily.  Not sure if the cupboard really needs to be a drawer…think we can leave them as a cupboard.  It can hold the bulkier stuff that we don’t use everyday.  Ditto for the cupboard next to the three tier shelved cabinet.  That cupboard can hold stuff like the bigger platters (for serving) and cheese board etc.  Stuff we don’t need everyday.


This is for the island…I will have a two burner induction hob on the counter that will be used only to slow simmer soups/stocks/stews.  Nothing messy.  Thinking it is best to convert the cabinets all to drawers.  Shallow ones at the top to hold placemats, coasters/trivets etc.  Then deep drawers to hold the pots and pans.  It is a bit of a hassle having them there, but i just don’t have space in the main cooking area.  Better to have pots there than our plates etc…plates etc…we will be using in bigger quantities so it is better at the main area where it is near the drying rack and main stove area.  They have placed the extra power points (for my cake mixer etc) on the extreme left.  Not too keen on that…thinking maybe it is best just below the switches…what do you think?