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Chanced upon this clock a couple of weeks back….and it has been on my mind ever since.  I grew up with a similar sort of wind up clock…and I find the chime very comforting.  Unfortunately, i can’t bring the clock over to the new home…and a similar make (german) like dad’s will cost about $2,000.  Out of my budget.  This fella was tucked in a quiet corner…and I didn’t even know there was an antique shop at Alexandra.  Very pleasant surprise.  After sleeping on it for ages…I set myself a price for the clock…and told myself if the guy agrees to that reduced price…it is meant to be, and i will get it.

After much haggling…he agreed!!  He is going to give it a nice clean….teach me how to care for it…and it can come home with me.  Very excited.  I find it really unique…not quite like the other mini grandfather clocks out there.  It has a hourly chime, and it was made in Japan.

Ignore the wire in the picture…that is from another item.