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Our Powder Room is ridiculously small….if I were to stretch out my hands, I can touch the walls on the opposite ends…and this is the longer part of the rectangular room. And it doesn’t have windows!!  Very strange…..  Our IDers came up with the brilliant suggestion of adding these old school blocks seeing as I am against one of those ventilation fans…and we LOVE IT!!! So pretty!! very excited that it is up.

The accent tiles for the shower area in the master is also up…exciting stuff!  Still waiting for HDB to approve the banging of the bedroom wall…zzzzzzzz so tiling work upstairs has stalled…they are going to start tiling from the balcony in once the sliding windows are done this Friday.

Ok..picture time.


Picture on the left is the view from the new yard area….and the picture on the right is from the powder room.  Love the retro look!


From the powder room…the tiles totally match the look!

The accent tiles are up in the shower area for the master!  Now waiting for the shelves to be inserted.  Love the pop of colour..


close up of the accent tiles.. :)


Electrical wires on standby for the island area.

They are going to start tiling the kitchen next!!! Yippee!!