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We went and checked on the renovation progress yesterday after work.  Due to water seepage (water was seeping through the old balcony windows), we decided to change the windows to the house.  It was on the nice to have list previously because of cost, but the windows actually really needed changing.  The tracks weren’t sliding very well, the fuzzy bit between the window frames were fraying…and sticking out…it was really quite unsightly.

I took the opportunity to change them all when we discovered the water seepage problem.  Really glad we did now.  Through the process we learnt that it is best to get the windows fitted before the wall tiles (in the balcony) goes up.  That way it will be done neatly and there is not chance of damaging the wall tiles.  Blessing in disguise.

Thanks to forumer “drunkenchivas”, we got a great deal for the windows.  The quote ended up being about $400 cheaper than our contractor.  While selecting the window frames…we learnt a bit more.  Initially, i wanted powder coated (white) frame, and light blue tinted glass.  After a quick chat with our designer, the plan changed to black frame and clear glass.  It definitely looks a little more colonial…which goes with the upstairs theme.  And it frames our nice balcony view!

When we spoke to the window guy, we found out that it will cost about 20% more than powder coat!!   :deal:   He said very few people use black frame…so there isn’t that much of a supply…therefore the price is higher.  He tried to persuade me to use powder white…but my mind was made up and agreed to difference in price. The window guy was really nice, he “upgraded” the sliding windows in the two bedrooms facing the corridor side and the dining window to three panels instead of two panels.  That way, i will get more ventilation when they are open.  Free of charge.  Nice guy.

But I must admite that my heart was still hurting that we were spending even more money now!

That all changed when we had a look at the place yesterday.  The windows are GORGEOUS!   :jammin:  And I am so glad we don’t have the ugly frosted windows anymore.  It does mean we have to tighten our belts a bit more, but it is totally worth it.  They couldn’t put up the casement windows in the yard area yet cos the tilers have started to tile the kitchen area.  Tiling is still taking ages because we are STILL waiting for HDB to approve the knocking of a hole into the study room wall.  This is really starting to drag!!!  Ok…picture time.


Sliding windows up in the master bedroom… (also the other bedrooms upstairs)


Workers working on the balcony windows…we had an update later that evening that they were done!!!   :jammin:


Can’t get over the awesome idea our IDers had to solve the ventilation problem in the powder room….it looks even better in real life!   :sport-smiley-018:


Tiling work in the kitchen and yard has begun.  The yard is done…and they are starting to tile the kitchen.  There is a black border around the edges…love it…really frames the black and white tiles.   :wub:


Loving the look of the retro tiles in the kitchen…really makes it pop… .  When i first walked into the home…the tiling reminds me of a catwalk at the moment.   :P


The tilers are almost done tiling the accent tiles in the common bathroom upstairs…looking good!!