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Been meaning to pen this down cos it really touched my heart…. a couple of weeks back, i was having a TERRIBLE week at work.  Everything that could go wrong was going wrong.  One day that week…when I was about to walk out of the office, a colleague of mine asked me to come by her desk.

She opened her drawer and handed me a takashimaya voucher. Here’s how the conversation went:

Colleague:  Something small for your new home…
Ness:  Errrr…the house isn’t even ready yet…and I have not sent out invites!!! Why are you giving me this now?

Colleague: It is now that you will need the cash more.  By the time housewarming comes round…you would have sorted out a lot of the big ticket items.  Something small now to help ease the load.

Ness: Thank you (too choked up by her thoughtfulness to actually say anything more)

The kind colleague gave me $100 worth of Takashimaya vouchers!  So so thoughtful of her…very touched.  She has pretty much sponsored our SodaStream!! Woohoo!!