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Exciting stuff…the kitchen tiling is done…loving the black border around the kitchen.  The protective rolls have also arrived to protect the floor…cos we are still waiting for HDB approval to hack a hole in the study room wall.  That is what is holding up the renovation.  Hopefully it is approved soon.  Our contractor said he has received a email from HDB…fingers crossed it is approved and we can finish demolition work and get the tiling sorted.  If it werent for that approval…we would have gotten a lot more done by now.   :angry2:


Tilers are now working on the wood tiles for the walls of the balcony…they have finished one wall…one more to go…guess they will tile the balcony after that…and work their way in seeing as the demolition won’t affect that area.


Tilers are still working on the common bathroom accent tiles upstairs.  The master bathroom tiling is completely done.  This piece of paper is stuck near the common bathroom…so that the tilers know what tile goes where…..quite amusing.


The portrait used this picture as a guide


The portrait

We received another housewarming gift…guess friends are as excited as us about the new home….a beautiful portrait of our dog Scout.  Awesome gift!