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We are still “pending” HDB’s approval to bang down the wall facing the staircase in bedroom 3….so that we can add a colonial feel to the home like in the 3D drawing.  It is not a structural wall…and we are adding glass so it does not pose a danger, but HDB just don’t get it!  8| Starting to feel a little frustrated because it has been a month and it is still pending.  They keep saying that PE is needed…but why?  It isn’t a structural wall…they keep quoting that it is a safety issue…where someone might fall from that opening…we explained that there is a glass to prevent that.  They don’t get it.  We have submitted additional drawings etc.

Because of this wall not being knocked down yet…we can’t tile the home cos it could damage the new tiles… I really would like to save the money required for a PE (by the way, how much will that cost, does anyone know? :dunno: ) but i don’t know if that is being penny wise pound foolish and i should just bite the bullet and do it.  Very sad….. it has been a month…and we are still at the same spot.