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Woohoo!  IDers  seem ok with the idea of a possible table in the balcony with broken plates as a top.  We just need to see if our tiler will help us mix the grout tile adhesive….really happy.

Snooped around Ikea website…hoping to find a possible small tiny table that will fit in the balcony, but there was nothing…so guess we will have to source for possible table or bits and bops.

I kinda like the idea of having either one of these as the legs and then we just have to find wood for the top!

Option 1:

This leg is very similar to the kopitiam table legs…so it would give it a traditional feel.  Not too sure about this…thinking IF i were to go with this…might as well just go with a marble top seeing we have a marble wholesaler contact.  Not too sure if the broken plates will go well with this leg

Option 2:

Leaning more towards this leg.  It has a very nice look to it.  I can see the broken plates going well with this leg.

Now my next thought is this….my sink is 30 inches…that is a big slab of granite that is going to be cut out to accommodate that from my kitchen counter top.  I wonder if that can be used to fit onto any of these legs instead of wood…then we just paste the broken glass plates on top.  SAVE COST!  Think that is possible?