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we have been toying with the idea of having a small table set in the balcony…somewhere we can have dinner on days we wanna catchup on tv…or just chill out somewhere else.

Initially, we thought the old school kopitiam table with the marble top would be great.  It would add some character to the place.  And there is one currently for sale… but after some surfing on pinterest…i saw this!

It is a DIY table top made from broken plates.  I am sure if we scoured around thieves market etc…there will be some really nice plates that are partly broken or chipped that we can get for a song.  We could try making something like that…maybe with a cheap Ikea table.  It could add character.

Alternatively, we could use some of the old tiles we have left over (thinking the cement screed like tiles from our bathroom) and cement it on top.  Then i could modge podge (transfer a print) a old article i have written for a local paper on the top.  That could be quite cute too…maybe an article on herbs that i have written?

What do you think?  What option should i go for?

By the way…what do you think of this Ikea hack for maybe balcony chairs if we go the DIY route?