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So i think i have come up with a solution to solve the uneven-ness if different plates are being used.

So….here’s what i am thinking.  Keep it simple.  Do you think this will work:

This cast iron leg needs 60cm by 60cm table top….I will fill the 60cm square surface with…

One of these HUGE printed plate broken up right in the middle.  That will fill a whole heap of the surface already…then….the plain white plates to fill in gaps.

This is from the same plate series…so the thickness should be the same…just the curved part is causing the height difference (by 0.2cm).  Will dot the bird and the flower to fill in gaps.


Added these…hoping the height is just the curved bits…and the thickness at the bottom is the same.  Smaller images…in case the ones above is too big as fillers

Think this will work?