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Our renovation has been stalled for over a month because HDB has not been clear about what they needed us to do so that we can hack a hole into a wall where the study room is going to be.

Finally after a lot of delays…that has been resolved.  We have got a quote for a PE (Professional Engineer)…cos s/he needs to endorse that the structure we plan to build is safe, and we are on our way!! FINALLY!!  It sure has taken long enough.

Thankfully the cost isn’t going to be too high!  And we can still afford it…so i will get my pretty upper level after all.  It is actually the only splurge we have allowed ourselves for the second level.  Really glad it is finally resolved and everything is going to be HDB compliant.  At least there isn’t a headache of HDB making noise in the future.

I have given our IDers the green light…the PE will take about two days (to do the calculations, and do up the relevant documents), then our contractor can submit the forms to HDB.  So hopefully by next week (it’s a short week this week..national day long weekend)…the wall will come down…and then work really start moving along.