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Over the weekend, we dropped by this interesting wood place.  They take old wood and they can refurbish it for customers.  They also help customers refurbish their own wood furniture.

Very interesting shop.  Our IDers have kindly volunteered to do up a nice little bench for our balcony.  We found this old piece of wood that was salvaged from a home that was being torn down.  It looks like it use to be part of a beam.  My guess anyway.  So much character to it.

We got it for a song…considering it is solid wood…and they are going to sand it down (give it a brushed look) and cut it in half and join it together…width wise… and that is going to be the seat portion!  Now sourcing for legs to go with it.

The kind shop owner kindly threw in a 60cm by 60cm piece of plywood..that is going to be used for the broken plates table.

I am not confident that we will get the plates mosaic level…but it is ok…we will just add a piece of glass at the top!  🙂