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Well it has been a while since I updated the progress.  Mainly because it has stalled a while due to HDB approval for the demolition of one wall.  Well, I am happy to say that PE has been submitted so we should be kickstarting again soon.

In the meantime, our contractor is almost done with all the re-wiring for the new home.  We plan to move the Open net from the study room to the living room…thankfully tiling is not complete so that can be done…all hidden.   :sport-smiley-018:   really don’t like that ugly trunking stuff.  The electrician has laid a pipe under the living room flooring…and it leads to where the tv console will be.

We have confirmed our granite for the new home after testing out caesarstone, pity tumeric stained the quartz so it is granite for sure.  After doing a price comparison between our contractor’s quote for the granite and an outside quote, definitely going with the outside quote.  It is a huge difference!! About $40 per foot run!  That is insane.  Big saving there…cos the kitchen is quite big.  Even caesarstone quote was the cheapest and we approached a few other vendors… pity it stained.

Finally sorted out our built in tv console for the master….just waiting for final drawing and then it is time to finalise the carpentry cost.  I expect that to go up a bit cos drawers cost more than normal cupboards, but drawers just work so much better for storage below the counter..it is just easier to take things out.  At the moment, soft closing tracks are not included…need to go down to Blum and the excel (sp) place to find out what the cost is.

Our IDers have given me some homework.  Gotta go look at tv consoles we like…and send them pictures, and they will customise something…. so exciting.  A  loose piece of furniture but done to our liking…excellent!  Hopefully the wood guy (not the carpenter cos this guy should be cheaper) will be able to do it :)