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Option A: (S$127 using real leather)


Option B: (S$132 each)



One of the first things you see when we enter our new home is the kitchen island, the campbells lights and of course bar stools.  I saw these bar stools (Option A with the white seat) at Lush Lush and Comfort Designs quite a few months back…and I would really want three for the new home.  But at $270 per piece…that price is a little hard to stomach right now.  So off to taobao I went trying to find them.  Comfort actually told me that they are fabricated in China, so I might as well go straight to the source right? :sport-smiley-018:


It has not been easy finding these (Option A) bar stools….and the ones i found…the price was VERY close to the price Comfort was quoting.  Finally managed to find them at a reasonable price, but I am not sure if the quality is good…hopefully dragonnite can help  me out there.

While surfing that particular shop, i chanced upon another stool (Option B) that is also quite nice!  Now I am a little confused…which one should I order if I do order.  I like Option A because it looks like it would fit into the house decor perfectly, but Option B has very pretty wood grain design….which would you pick?