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Been kinda quiet on the blog cos there isn’t really anything to update at the moment.  We submitted our PE papers to HDB earlier in the week, and we are waiting for the approval.  I really want to get started with reno works next week if we can.  So i called up the HDB officer in charge of hougang and he said that it is still with HQ…..called HQ…and the lady said she will look at it now, and give the necessary approval to the officer in Hougang by today…that means…we can bang the wall down on Monday or Tuesday at the latest!!!!  So HAPPY!!!   :dancingqueen:
In the meantime, we checked on the house over the weekend, and wiring works is almost complete.  Aircons are also up!   :good:


We are still trying to decide if we should have a built in console downstairs or a free standing one.  The perk of having a free standing one is we have the flexibility of changing it in the future, but a custom one would look more sleek i guess.   :dunno:   Shortlisted some free standing ones… decisions decisions decisions


Option A: Ethnicraft



Option B: Ethnicraft



Option C: Air


Option D: Commune



Option E: Originals