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Our IDers just whatsapp me with an awesome surprise!  Over the weekend, they did a pair of stools to go with the broken plate table we plan to make for the balcony area.  It is a Ikea hack using old Ikea shelves.  Don’t they look spiffy?!  Totally unexpected and so touched that they actually took the trouble to do it.


The old ikea shelves use to sit in the toilet downstairs…strange isn’t it.  The previous owner used these shelves to hold their pots and pans…in the TOILET!!   :dunno: When we were tearing down the place…our IDers quietly asked our contractor to put aside these shelves for them.  They never shared their plans with me.  And tada!  Another little conversational piece for our new home :)


The beautiful wood grain!


Great length…almost the whole length of our SUV backseat!

On a separate note, the wood guy has finished sanding and joining the wood beam for us and now it is one nice solid piece of wood ready to be converted into a nice bench for the balcony area.  Our contractor has quoted about $300 for the hairpin legs…not sure if that is reasonable…need to do some research.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!