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So i spent yesterday evening, coming up with a plan on how i want the singer sewing machine legged side table to look and where to place it.  IDers and I have sorted out the dimensions of the side table if i wanna put it at the dining area.  We needed a small table there anyway, in case we want a small antique like table fan on hot days.  That has been pretty much sorted…but i was thinking that it would be a waste to just place the singer sewing machine on the display shelf.


I am hoping to SLOWLY collect some old food related items like antique bowls and tingkats for the display shelf….then sarah sent this this morning…BRILLIANT!! Converting the singer machine into a lamp!

The project looks a little challenging…finding a rod to put the bulb wires in…the rod will be attached to the machine base and the top will be for the lamp shade…don’t know how the wires should be attached…and how does the rod sit on the base…hmmm….. DIYers…any ideas?

Alternatively, I have managed to find someone in Singapore that can convert it into a lamp…but for a hefty $500 fee!