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New drawings for the kitchen island.  We discovered about two weeks back that the marble was too heavy for the lift load…so we had to cut it shorter….but we wanted to keep the size of the island the same so that it is symmetrical.  So the best alternative we could come up with was to make the marble piece shorter by about a 1/3 of the length and add in the same granite we plan to use for the rest of the kitchen countertop.  It will still gel with the black and white them…and it will also pull together the use of the granite for the other portion.  Our IDers gave us three options to consider…



1/3 of the original lenth of the island will be replaced with granite…the induction cooker will also sit square on the black granite top…that could help a bit with stains…leaning towards this option.  but i do like the idea of having some open shelving which Option 2 and Option 3 has.  But Option 1 looks so clean…what do you thinK?