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Finally the study bedroom wall is down…the one that has caused a delay of almost TWO months.  And i must say that i am very happy with the look of it. This was something I knew I wanted right from the get go.  When we first met the IDers in January, I brought a long a mood board or sort, and this was one of the things I shared that I really really wanted for the new home.  And now with the wall down, can i just say that I am soooooooooooooo happy.  The upper level looks so much more spacious!  Loving the thought that now….more light and breeze will be circulating through the house!  Impatient me is now really looking forward to the end when the pretty french doors will be up!!  I can almost picture it!!

When I had a look at the place on Monday evening…the wall was down, but the flooring was yet to be done…yesterday our IDers sent us this progress update and even the floors are tiled!  Man they have been moving fast.  




Cove lighting boxes for the house has also been completed, so we are off to get our T5 lights etc this weekend so that they can be on standby for the electrician.


Moving on downstairs, the staircase has been leveled…and now we can start tiling works for the stairs.  Fingers crossed this will look good.  The con of using wood tiles instead of parquet…is that it will be sharp along the edges…but our contractor said that it can be filed down a little and it will be better…FINGERS crossed!





Our brick wall in the living room is a work in progress, but it is pretty clear that it is almost completed.  This will give the living room some texture…love it.  Was a toss up between white bricks and red bricks…glad we went with the white bricks in the end…the effect is a little more subtle :)

Taken the day off tomorrow…cos the OpenNet guys are coming in to route the fiber optic box from the study down to the living room area.  Once that is done tomorrow, they can start tiling the living room.  We will also be accepting delivery of our two hobs, hood and oven from Mayer Marketing.

Our IDers are also meeting us tomorrow afternoon, and we will be picking the paint colours for the house, the laminate colours for the carpentry work and door knob handles.  Things are coming along nicely.  :)

Tonight, we are gonna FINALLY move all the feature lights we purchased from Taobao…the Kraus sink and tap from amazon into the house….can’t wait.  The current house was starting to look like a warehouse! LOL