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We took time off from work today to sort out a whole heap of stuff for the house.

First on the agenda, standby to receive the new sinks for the bathroom upstairs. The guy was super punctual and when I was inspecting the sinks, I have to say I’m really happy with the design. It’s going to go so well with my Italian designed and made taps.

Then came the intensive session with our contractor and IDers. We sorted heaps out today.

Essentially, the house will be painted white, with three accent wall colours for the three bedrooms upstairs.

We picked rather mild colours for the accent walls mainly cos we aren’t the sort to pick or like super funky colours.

We short listed some kitchen laminate colours, now we just gotta wait for the bigger piece so that we can decide which one to use.

We have also confirmed our ceiling fans for the house, except for the one in the balcony. It’s a very narrow space, and even the relite petite is not going to fit. So we have to continue our search for the balcony.

Mayer marketing delivered our jobs, hood and oven today. We are not ready to actually install them yet but I didn’t want to waste any more money keeping them in storage.

Tired of the current house looking like a warehouse, so we moved our accents lights that I purchased from taobao to the house too. The staircase pendant light is so big that our ID actually thought it was an exercise ball! Lol.

The high for today: finding out that the house Reno should be done in about three weeks. THREE weeks! Amazing. Carpentry should be starting next week, then the following week will be installation. Wow!

Another major high today, IDers like my Campbell lights!!! Yea!!

The low for today: OpenNet didn’t honor their appointment today. So, we have decided to proceed with our tiling works while waiting.

Oh! Speaking of tiling, downstairs is almost tiled! Fast! All that’s left is the balcony area, staircase, and skirting for the house. Amazing.

Amusing chat with our IDers today. They shared that they have met quite a few homeowners who have been showing them pictures of some of my purchases for the new home in their mood boards. Heh!