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To save cost, we don’t have a false ceiling for the kitchen area.  So we have to look for lights.  It can’t be something too loud cos it will take the focus away from the campbells light.  We are concerned that track lights might not be good enough seeing as we cook very often, and we need to make sure our food is cooked.

We do have T5 lights underneath the upper cabinets which we can use, but energy consumption wise, that is not very practical, much rather some sort of ceiling lights that will be sufficient.

IDers have come up with a few suggestions….but I am still not quite convinced.  😦

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Alternatively, I could go for T5 lights placed at the top of the kitchen cabinet, and maybe something like this (pic below) in the middle of the kitchen cos it is quite big….but i think that will take the focus away from the campbells light.  😦

Dia: 1400mm3 x CFL T5 22W+3 x T5 32W

Starting to feel kinda lost….HELP!!