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We dropped off the T5 lights last night after work and we were pleasantly surprised at how much was done in just one day.  Will let the pictures do the talking…



Our new staircase is up!!  That means they can start tiling the staircase.  Tiling of the staircase is the last bit of tiling that needs to be done.  Guessing they will start today.


Our white brick wall is also complete.  And the piece of glass you see…that is gonna be for the glass railing for bedroom 3 (the study room).  Guess that will be up soon too….they definitely won’t wanna leave that piece of glass just lying around.  :)


Really like the raw texture.  It is gonna give the living room great texture.


So glad we decided to spend a bit and board up the wall so that it is level.  That allowed all the wires to be hidden behind the board…no ugly electrical casing!! yea!!!


The wall for the new storeroom under the stairs is also done already!!  Fast fast fast!



The little false wall for the tv console in the master is also done!  Wow!  Initially i wasn’t too sure of this because well…it makes the master bedroom look really small.  But I really need a tv in the room, and the room is just a little too long length wise to just put the tv on the opposite wall.  Love the idea of a HUGE closet behind the tv console…and it looks great actually.

Can’t wait to drop by the new home after work…and check out what else they have done today!