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One of the woes of purchasing a re-sale flat is the age of the flat.  We had to gut the place because it was in its original state and well…everything needed to be fixed up.  Especially the electrical wiring.

After acquiring the flat, our contractors notified us that the balcony wall was leaking…and it could be due to the old windows.  Originally, we didn’t plan to change the windows…we thought we could leave it to our second phase of renovation…as it was not in urgent need of changing.  Well…obviously that plan went out the window and we had to get them changed.

Thankfully, we found a very reasonable window guy that charged us about $500 less then our contractor’s quote.  He was very prompt with meeting us at the new flat…he got all the panels measured…and gave us a quote on the spot.  Can’t complain.  He even got all the old windows down and the new windows up in two days!  Amazing.  Workmanship was not compromised…no complains.

Over the weekend, due to the heavy downpour, we noticed the SAME spots along the balcony wall had water seepage again!  FAINT!  Obviously it can’t be the fault of the windows because we got them changed…and the exact same five spots are showing spots of leakage.

Really worried, I called the window guy up (on saturday), and he immediately said “water seepage very serious…i will come down tomorrow (sunday) and take a look”.  I was very impressed with the service.  He came down, assessed the situation and it looks like it is because the window ledge on the outside…it is all hollow…due to age and weather…so water is seeping in through the concrete ledge.

The thought of dealing with HDB all over again is not something I am looking forward to.  Thankfully, the window guy said that he will send his men down on Monday to waterproof the ledge, and hopefully it will solve the problem.  He did say that water seepage is not something that is always resolved after the first go…so I should monitor and if it is still seeping in through the wall, I should call him, and he will come back again and give it another coat.

All this is done out of goodwill and free.  I am very thankful cos my buffer isn’t looking very pretty.  Thankful that this guy was not only very reasonably priced but it looks like he is great with his after sales service.

On the other hand, our IDers were at the flat on Saturday, and I have informed them about the seepage…gonna wait to see what solutions they have for this problem too.