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Over the weekend, we finally found some time to do some DIY work that we had planned for a while.  We are avid wine drinkers, and we got our hands on a wine crate quite a few months ago.  I knew what i wanted to do with it…seeing it is my first time doing any sort of DIY project, it had to be something VERY simple.  So the man taught me how to sand down the wine crate and how to varnish.  It was really good fun.



This is the before for the base of the wine crate…it came with a wooden lid as well…which we also sanded and varnished.  I am saving the after shot for the wine crate for now because I wanna showcase it when it is in the walk in pantry.



After learning how to varnish…i was hooked, so on Sunday when the man was taking a nap…i grabbed our ikea step ladder and i started sanding it and varnishing it. Quite happy with my effort seeing as it is my first time with no supervision.  :).




This isn’t the finished end product of the stool.  The top lid of the wine crate will be attached to the top step…it has already been varnished and prepped…just need to borrow a saw to cut it down to size and then it will sit on top!  Not sure if we should nail it to the top of paste it…what do you think?