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We had two requirements for our bedroom…it had to have a big wardrobe space (but not a walkin wardrobe) and we must have a space for a tv.  The masterbedroom is quite long..so my first thought was to put the bed head where the window is..and use the wall opposite (next to the main door) as the area for the tv…then our ID wisely pointed out that feng shui wise (we aren’t bound by feng shui…but if it is something we can fit into our decor we will try) having the bed against a half solid wall isn’t good.  So ok…lets rethink it.



If we were to put the tv and the bed at opposite ends of the room….it is just too far…so this is what our IDers have come up with.  A small tiny partition wall…and the tv will sit on this little fake wall…and behind the wall will be a L shaped wardrobe…cool!  The hole you see will be a box for the scv and apple tv box.  :)

It does mean that walking space wise…now the room is a little tight…but it fits our requirements without compromising on storage…it suits our lifestyle…