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Painting works have started….and I must say it is quite exciting.  Cos we are getting a better idea of what the end result will look like.  To keep with the black and white theme…we are painting most of the walls white.  With an exception of an accent wall…which will also be quite subtle.  Even the bedroom doors are going to be white, and the frame will be black to stick to the theme.


A panoramic view of the house taken from the kitchen area.  You can see the painter painting on the primer layer for the dining area.  The main door (to the right) has already got its primer coat….we have selected a nice rosewood brown seeing as our main door faces true east…and supposedly from what i can telling from googling feng shui…it is best to paint the main door brown for luck and harmony.  🙂


This angle, you can see that the storage under the staircase is up…and it just needs a paint work.. 🙂

Not really about painting…but this little room is a big indulgence for us…our lil walk in pantry!  We will organise floor to ceiling shelving, and we can store our kitchen appliances….flour…wine fridge etc there!   When we purchased the house…the last owner had removed this bedroom completely…and his alter was here.  Initially the plan was to just make the kitchen BIG, but then again, I have always wanted a walk in pantry… .  After weighing the pros and cons…we decided to go with the walk in pantry.  Our little indulgence. 🙂

The original plan for the house did not have a yard area…so our kitchen shrunk even more…cos we created one.  The previous owner placed his washing machine in the toilet downstairs…I thought it was such a waste…and it is so strange for guests when they use the restroom!  So we shrunk our kitchen further and created a yard area….added a glass door that we can close if we have clothes hanging so that it doesn’t smell… 🙂


Moving on up…the stairwell primer is done…a protection sheet is wrapped around our new black staircase railing to protect it.  Still keeping with the black and white theme.  Plain and simple.  You can see the wood tiles peeking from the tarp.



Everytime i see this big “hole” where the study room will be…i smile..the wait..the extra cost…the grief was totally worth it.  Love how bright and airy the upstairs looks now!  The contractor has added the frame to the “hole” for the french doors to be installed after painting is done.  The frame for the french door and bedroom doors will be black, and the doors itself will be white.



The blue wall in the study gotta go!   The last owner had really bright accent wall…this blue wall will be replaced with a subtle smokey grey colour…the guest room will have a slightly brigher colour.  That is a work in progress cos the primer paint work is still ongoing.